I Just Can't Get Enough Blackpool FC Pin Badges Oil Painting

I Just Can’t Get Enough

Oil on canvas
24″ x 36″

Gary Armer painting Seasiders Way
Detail of I Just Can't Get Enough Blackpool FC Painting
Detail of I Just Can't Get Enough Pin Badge Painting
Blackpool F.C. Painting in Studio
Work in Progress of Pin Badge Painting
Glass Oil Palette
I Just Can't Get Enough by Gary Armer
Seasiders Way Blackpool F.C. Beer

Gary Armer // Farm Yard Brew Co // Blackpool F.C.

I Just Can’t Get Enough is the title of Gary Armer’s latest painting following on from his Football is Still Life project. The painting is the outcome of a collaboration with local craft brewery Farm Yard Brew Co who approached the artist to create an artwork to celebrate all things Blackpool Football Club.

The final oil painting is now proudly displayed on the can design for the specially brewed lager ale hybrid entitled Seasiders Way.

Gary explains: “When Farm Yard Brew Co got in touch about the project I was especially keen to come up with something that truly celebrated Blackpool F.C. I wanted to create a large “show-stopper” piece that was full of colour and detail that attempted to encapsulate the feel good factor around the club that has grown since the change of ownership.”

“As you saw in my Football is Still Life project I was a keen collector of football memorabilia growing up and I loved to collect pin badges. Pins come in all manner of shapes and designs and it is in the subtle details (and often inconsistencies) of these that I think there is real interest.”

“I thought that a huge mass of these badges would look really impactful, especially when playing around with scale and making them much larger than life. I opted to paint this piece from a photo reference as it helped ensure I achieved a high level of accuracy in the finish. I wanted each badge to be beautifully rendered.”

“When planning the piece I decided to light the badges with both a warm and cool light (one from the left and one from the right) which really helped highlight the forms of the badges with warm and cool reflected highlights off the metal.”

The majority of the badges featured in the painting are part of the artist’s collection from his youth, however Gary also owes thanks to the Blackpool F.C. pin badge collector and guru Dave Horn. Dave kindly met with the artist, allowing him access to some of the rare badges in his collection from the 1970s and earlier (before badges were produced in their masses from the 90s onwards). The artist photographed some of these rare badges and worked them into the painting back in the studio.

The painting was a painstaking project with over 200 hours racked up in the studio as Gary worked across the canvas. You can see a time-lapse of the process below.

When completed, the team at Farm Yard Brew Co then expertly worked the majority of the painting into the packaging design for the beer and you can see the finished product below.

Farm Yard Brew Co are a fantastic local brewery based in Cockerham and the Seasiders Way beer was created by fellow Blackpool supporters. The beer is currently available on tap in the Corner Flag restaurant at Bloomfield Road as well as the hospitality bars within the ground. The cans are available to buy from the Farm Yard Brew Co tap room and should be available from more outlets very soon.

Oil Painting of Pin Badges in Progress
Gary Armer Painting Seasiders Way Painting

“I Just Can’t Get Enough” Painting Time-lapse

Notes  | Painted in oil on canvas over the course of 200 hours in 2019, I Just Can’t Get Enough features a collection of retro Blackpool F.C. pin badges.

Seasiders Way Blackpool FC Beer

Seasiders Way

Notes  | The final can design for the lager ale hybrid Seasiders Way, brewed by fans at Farm Yard Brew Co, Gulf Lane, Cockerham.