Wildflowers on Whin Lane2018-07-23T19:32:51+00:00
Tree in the Late Afternoon Sun2018-07-23T19:33:50+00:00
Cottage on Turkey Street2018-07-23T19:34:32+00:00
Across the Wyre to Pool Foot Lane2018-07-23T19:35:02+00:00
Farm Gate in the Morning Sun2018-07-23T19:36:55+00:00
Cottage Garden in the Late Afternoon2018-07-23T19:37:24+00:00
Towards the Pennines from Union Lane2018-07-23T19:37:55+00:00
All Saints Church, Handley2018-09-23T15:12:31+00:00
Lake Windermere from Bowness2017-12-01T01:53:23+00:00
Winter Fields, Out Rawcliffe – Plein Air Oil Study2017-12-01T01:51:36+00:00