Charcoal Portrait of Ruby2018-09-23T15:18:42+00:00
Alla Prima Portrait of Man with Beard2018-09-23T15:19:47+00:00
Portrait Painting from Life of Joyce2018-05-03T18:01:49+00:00
Alla Prima Portrait of the Artist’s Mother2018-05-03T17:00:21+00:00
Alla Prima Portrait of the Artist’s Father2018-05-03T17:04:15+00:00
Oil Painting from Life of Ruby2018-05-03T17:06:03+00:00
Alla Prima Portrait of Lady2017-12-01T02:18:46+00:00
Oil Painting Study of Young Man2017-12-01T02:23:42+00:00
Oil Painting Study of Lady2017-12-01T02:24:32+00:00
Friends with Chairs – Neil2017-12-01T02:32:53+00:00
Friends with Chairs – Kim2017-12-01T02:33:51+00:00
Friends with Chairs – Jonny2017-12-01T02:34:54+00:00
Friends with Chairs – Rebecca2017-12-01T02:36:50+00:00