After a busy few months moving house and setting up the new studio I’ve finally managed to spend some more time on the wedding portrait.

In this quick update documenting the progress of the painting I show how I start to capture some of the detail of the bride’s wedding dress and bouquet.

Oil Painting of a Bouquet

In Part 2 of this blog series you can see how I very quickly blocked in the bouquet of flowers and I’ve recently returned to this part of the portrait to start refining the detail.

Image 1: Here you can see how I start to establish the light and dark areas of the bouquet, picking out the light green buds and white roses against the purple flowers and parts in between that are in shadow.

Painting of a wedding bouquet in progress

Image 1 | Establishing the light and dark areas of the bouquet

Image 2: I then paint wet-into-wet as I work on the shapes of the flowers and roses. I add more of the green buds and refine the petals.

Oil painting of bouquet in progress

Image 2 | Working on the shapes of the larger flowers

Adding the Details

Image 3: Next I start to dab in the tiny petals of the smaller flowers over the dark areas. It’s these smaller details that bring the bouquet to life. I start with the royal blue petals first before moving on to the white ones as seen in image 4.

Image 4: In this shot you can see how the bouquet is pretty much there. I’ve worked in the tiny petals throughout the bunch and spent some more time on the most focal roses. I’ve left this part of the portrait for now but may return to it again before completing the piece.

Detail of a painting of wedding flowers

Image 3 | ‘Dabbing’ in the smaller flowers

Oil painting of a bouquet

Image 4 | Nearing completion

The Wedding Dress

Image 5: I’ve also managed to crack on with the wedding dress, working in the detail of the lace and decorative pearls. I started by identifying the subtle shadows in the material of the dress before carefully picking out the highlights. It was crucial to not get carried away with the lights as otherwise they’ll draw the eye too much and detract from the focal point of the painting – the happy couple.

I’ve got some big changes planned for the background and more work to do on the faces of the Bride and Groom so I’ll try and show this development in my next update.

Detail of a painting of a wedding dress

Image 5 | Detail of the wedding dress

Other Progress Updates:

Part 1 – Initial blocking in and under-painting
Part 2 – Building up of oil paint layers and consideration of background
Part 3 – Reworking the sky and blending clouds
Part 4 – Improving the skin tones of the bride and groom
Part 6 – Painting the tiara and a bold change to the background
Part 7 – Finishing touches and oiling out

You can now view the completed wedding portrait in my portfolio and find out more about it here.